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Welcome to the show page for "Psychological Content, A Podcast." Please contact the show with any and all feedback or content ideas. Please share the podcast if you feel so inclined and thank you for even considering spending your time with the show. 

Oct 27, 2018

In this session we go over developing a problem solving mentality. With just a handful of steps, a problem solving skill-set can be acquired. Be sure to check out the Podcast Companion on my blog as well. The main them is that when faced with a "problem," you don't have the option to do nothing. 

Also check out the

Oct 10, 2018

This is a short story written by my 11 year old son. The Werewolf of Grey Street tells the tangled backstory of a man named John S. Wolff. My son is going to be a werewolf for halloween this year...this is the werewolf's story of origin. Please enjoy. 

Oct 7, 2018

In this session I ask the question, "what journey are you currently on?" This is about the journey we undertake the moment we become aware that we need something in our life to change. The moment we ask for qualified, trustworthy help. Maybe that help is a book to read, maybe it's a therapist to see. Through...