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Dec 3, 2020

In this episode there is a Lunar Eclipse and a tale of extreme violence in the summer of 88 as well as some personal musings about living in 2020. There are great quotes from Sigmund Freud, Henry Miller, and Arnold Schopenhauer. The episode also delivers some extraordinary music from Billy Hartman, a beautiful son...

Sep 14, 2020

On a road trip from Hells Half Acre to Corpus Christi and back again, join me as I think out loud and reflect over 6 hours there and 6 hours back. 3 hours worth of reflection on being a boy, son, brother, boyfriend, man, service member, husband, father, paramedic, corpsman, surgical technologist, veteran, creative...

Sep 1, 2020

Special Bonus Episode! Again! Here is another episode dedicated to "doing the work" in therapy. I am on this journey too. What you hear is what you get. It's raw. You also get to hear two tracks from Cleveland's own Madeline Finn. Take a visit to the Grand River and Painesville, Ohio's former relic train trestle....

Aug 21, 2020

Special Bonus Episode! I felt the need to process with my audience. This episode is an example of “doing the work” in therapy. Like you, I’m on a journey. What you hear is what you get. We are all in this together. Also, some good old Michael Stanley Band tunes!

Michael Stanley

My Town!

Aug 14, 2020

In this session I check in on current events. The show then turns to the beauty and tragedy of the artist Rosamond and 1974's Blue Ice. We weave in and out of Gestalt Psychology, Theory, and Therapy and listen to some amazing music. Then it is all tied into a beautiful bow. 

When You Close Your Eyes - A Life Sketch of...